The Call Out


The Call Out

This starts online with good old-fashioned smack talk and plays out in front of thousands of fans. Which racer wrote a check that their car can’t cash?

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What is The Call Out? 

In the captivating world of motorsports, where speed and adrenaline collide, a television show emerged on MAVtv that brought the excitement of grassroots drag racing to living rooms across the nation. “The Call Out” became a beloved series that showcased the raw passion, fierce competition, and heart-pounding moments of racers challenging each other head-to-head on the drag strip.

“The Call Out” was a unique show that celebrated the spirit of head-to-head racing. It invited local racers from all over the country to issue challenges to one another in a video Call Out, testing their skills and machines in adrenaline-fueled showdowns. The concept was simple: racers would call out their opponents online, setting the stage for epic battles on the drag strip.

The Call Out” embraced the diversity of the drag racing community. It featured a wide array of vehicles, from classic American muscle cars to modified imports, and everything in between.

The battles on the drag strip were the heart and soul of “The Call Out.” The roar of engines, big wheel stands, and the smell of burning rubber created an electrifying atmosphere for fans to witness. With each racer pushing their machines to the limits, the races were intense and adrenaline-fueled. Viewers were treated to gripping moments of speed, skill, and strategy as the racers fought to claim victory and win the Call Out Challenge!

“The Call Out” left an indelible mark on the motorsports landscape. It celebrated the passion, dedication, and skill of grassroots racers while captivating audiences with its intense competitions and engaging narratives. As viewers cheered for their favorite racers and embraced the spirit of friendly competition, “The Call Out” solidified its place as a beloved show that immortalized the grassroots racing heroes who live for the thrill of speed.

The Future of ALL OUT Racing & The Call Out on POWERtube TV

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