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Welcome to POWERtube TV’s Video on Demand, where entertainment is just a click away! Choose from an array of captivating show series listed below, and easily navigate through the steps to complete your rental. Whether it’s a full season, a special episode, or an exciting live-stream event, you can rent them all at a fixed monthly price. Each rental grants you 30 days of access and you can manage your subscriptions by simply visiting your account. While there you can view all of your purchase history and rental days remaining. Please note that once a rental has been charged, refunds are not available.

Sweepstakes Bonus Entries

We love rewarding our loyal viewers! When you make a purchase on POWERtube TV, not only do you gain access to exciting content, but your purchase also contributes to all current network sweepstakes, granting you additional entries. Here’s the icing on the cake: for every dollar spent, you’ll receive ten bonus entries into our exciting sweepstakes! (That’s right, $1 = 10 Bonus Entries.) Plus, there’s no limit on how many rentals you can enjoy or how many bonus entries you can accumulate. So, dive into the world of entertainment, rack up those bonus entries, and who knows, you might just Win Big!

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