All Out Live – Season 1


All Out Racing

A Hybrid of PINKS ALL OUT and Pass Time. An interactive live drag racing game show. While the racers battle it out on the track for cash and prizes, contestants play along on “INSTANT GREEN”. Choose left? Choose Right? It’s That Easy!

Purchase = 498 Bonus Entries!
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What is ALL OUT Racing TV/ Instant Green? From producer Boss One Media LLC. 

 “ALL OUT Racing” is the drag racing television series that aired on MAVTV. The show showcases intense and competitive heads-up drag racing action from various tracks across the United States. 2017 After many years of negotiations with FOX Television Brian Bossone, CEO of Boss One Media, the parent company of POWERtube TV could not broker a long-term contract or buyout deal for the PINKS or Pass Time Brands. Brian still wanted to bring shows like this back to the fans and racers that loved them so much that he decided to create a live event called ALL OUT Live. ALL OUT, at that time, was not trademarked and neither was the style of racing.

In 2018 Brian pulled some veteran crew members from the original Pinks production along with veteran director and producer Alex Pikas. They set out to explore what the next generation of ALL OUT racing might be. After annualizing racer feedback and TV production hurdles, they decided on a few changes. Format changes to racing included adding multiple ET classes, instead of one, to allow racers more opportunities to compete. This as well would allow production to capture more than one show per event, keeping costs down as this show’s budget was a fraction of the original’s $360k plus per episode budget. Every event gave more feedback and more changes were made along the way to make the racing event and final production better.

The big addition after season one was a gameshow aspect called Instant Green. Knowing they couldn’t duplicate the Pass Time format and it would be played at a live racing event, another format had to be used. Unlike the Pass Times format of single vehicles making passes and contestants guessing times, the Instant Green game would have to be played as the cars raced without delaying the live event. The format chosen had to be super simple as the producers wanted everyone to be able to play, no matter what their vehicle racing knowledge. The chosen format was simple to choose… Left lane or Right lane. The winner from each round of racing would win cash and prizes. The name has two meanings. The racer’s were started with an Instant Green Light setup, and the money given away was cash..hence “Instant Green”.

The Final Concept of the Show:

ALL OUT Racing is a hybrid of PINKS ALL OUT and Pass Time. The world’s first interactive live drag racing game show that’s played at every ALL OUT Live event. While the racers battle it out on the track for cash and prizes, contestants chosen from the stands play along on “INSTANT GREEN”. Choose left? Choose Right? Choose correctly and go home with cold hard cash. Everyone has a chance to win on this show!


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