Pinks All Out – Season 2


Hundreds of the best drag racers in the country bring their “A” game to the track in search of glory and their share of $18,000 in cash and prizes in front of thousands of ALL OUT Fans!

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“PINKS All Out” is a spin-off of the original “PINKS” television show that aired on Speed Channel in the United States. It followed a similar concept to the original series but with a specific focus on showcasing grassroots drag racing and the community that surrounds it.

The show premiered in 2006 and featured a format where participants competed in a series of qualifying races to earn a spot in the main event, known as the “All Out” competition. Unlike the original “PINKS,” where participants negotiated the terms of individual races, “PINKS All Out” had a fixed format with one basic rule “Run Your Car…ALL OUT”. No sandbagging, no pedaling just all out every pass. Finalists where chosen from two qualifying passes. A group of 16 or 32 racers with the tightest ET from their qualifying passes race heads up until the finals. The two finalist ran in a Hot Lap 2 out of 3 Final to win the cash and prizes and become the PINKS ALL OUT track champion! 

PINKS ALL OUT attracted a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from classic muscle cars to modern imports and everything in between. The races were held on professional drag strips across the country, providing a controlled and safe environment for the participants. One of the defining features of “PINKS All Out” was its emphasis on the camaraderie and spirit of the drag racing community. The show highlighted the stories and personalities of the participants, creating a sense of connection and celebration within the racing world. It aimed to capture the grassroots racing scene and the passion shared by enthusiasts across the country.

While “PINKS All Out” aired for a few seasons, it eventually ended its run on Speed Channel. However, it left a lasting impact on fans and further cemented the popularity of the “PINKS” franchise within the motorsports community. The show provided an exciting platform for grassroots racers to showcase their talents and contributed to the ongoing legacy of drag racing on television.

History of PINKS  ALL OUT By Rich Christensen Creator & Producer 

It all started with an idea called PINKS! Hunter Nichol, then the new president of Speech Channel, had inherited PINKS.  Jim Libertore left and would soon be running the Outdoor Channel, as its new president. Hunter was a straight up fan of PINKS.  He loved the show, the audience it reached and the community it was building.  Hunter must be credited for putting the time, money and energy into the rapid growth of the PINKS brand. He was always looking to make it bigger, bolder and better.  He pushed promotion. He pushed public relations and he pushed marketing. He also pushed programming and merchandise. He cross promoted talent and cross platformed many different shows under the Speed umbrella. He was an innovator. He was always thinking of ways to grow.  And Hunter Nickel, rarely, if ever, said no when it came to PINKS.

SO, it’s only natural that he asked the question “what is going to be the evolution of “PINKS-Lose The Race..Lose Your Ride!”?  I didn’t have the answer. Hell, I was happy with the show the way it was.  But Hunter wanted to see growth and expansion, while capturing more audience and strengthening our quickly growing Grassroots, drag racing community.  It was amazing to watch him work and all of us around him were getting a master class on how to do smart business.

He asked everybody involved with PINKS what their evolution of PINKS looked like? I started thinking about it and what a tournaments style PINKS might look like? Where all the vehicles had to go “balls out“. Now, Everybody had ideas that they were pitching Hunter at the time,  And I mostly kept my ideas to myself.  Every time I did open my mouth you could see people, literally, rolling their eyes.  Memories got pretty short on who actually created PINKS in the first place. So I just let everyone else talk.  After much confusion, misinformation and honestly, some really bad ideas, Hunter called me and asked me for my thoughts.

I’ll never forget it. We met each other at a huge NASCAR race to discuss PINKS ALL OUT Legal made it clear that it would not be called balls out).  I had just finished doing an on-set appearance for NASCAR when I met up with Hunter in this massive Fox production tent.  It was crazy chaos all around us, with the television crew and talent panicking as the roar of stock cars racing on the track engulfed us.  But Hunter acted like we were fishing alone in the middle of a quiet lake.  He calmly walked over to this monster igloo cooler, took a seat on top of it and asked me point blank, ” Rich, tell me what PINKS ALL OUT is going to look like.”

I proceeded to explain my vision and quickly began performing my concept in front of Hunter as if the show was actually happening and I was standing in front of 25,000 people.  When I finished and was catching my breath, Hunter didn’t say a word, he just smiled and said, “now that’s a show I wanna see.”  Over night, Hunter green-lit the show and started ordering episodes.  He never blinked.  He just kept putting huge resources behind the initiative to give PINKS the best chance for success. Like Jim Libertore, Hunter Nichol said yes.  And my life changed again.

PINKS ALL OUT went on to become a huge success with 500 racer spots, per show, being snagged up in a matter of minutes, with crowds of over 30,000 coming out to watch us make a single episode of a badass, drag racing show. Honestly, I saw and heard things and participated in things on the track that I didn’t think could actually happen in real life. The word extraordinary Took on a whole new meaning for me.  Because after PINKS ALL OUT, regular life became very, very ordinary.  Pretty tough to get excited about mowing the lawn after you’ve arm dropped four, 600 horse power muscle cars, at the same time, in front of 36,000 people, on a show that you created.

The Future of PINKS ALL OUT: 

Boss One Media’s creation of the POWERtube TV streaming network was built for shows like this. For years we’ve received an outpouring of feedback from national and international fans asking for more shows and events. The POWERtube TV network will now act as a re-launch pad for future shows and live events. With support from viewers and marketing partners, revivals of hit shows like this will return and be cast onto multiple viewing platforms for the world to see one more time. But this can only happen with your help. Spread the word and let the world know these shows are on POWERtube TV. With everyone’s help through their social platforms and word of mouth, we can build a network “Community” together and bring these shows back. Our goal is simple, highlight the fans and racers that supported these shows in the past and bring them back to the elevated stage they deserve! Click the “Join the Community Button” and stay informed!

Original Cast Members: 

Rich Christensen- Host
Kail Christensen – Technical Adviser
Charles Hendrickson – Technical Adviser
Nate Pritchett – Technical Adviser
Adam Pritchett – Technical Adviser
Brian Bossone – Technical Adviser
Clay Millican – Technical Adviser
Kenneth Herring – Technical Adviser
Steve Meade “Willie B” – Technical Adviser 
Gavin Jerome – Announcer 


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