Gear Heads – Season 2


Nick Field and Rick Ford own “Fastlane” performance out of Houston, TX. Every day is a new challenge in a shop full of young testosterone- filled mechanics with the goal of maximum horsepower. BLOOD, SWEAT, and SPEED, one car at a time.

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What is Gear Heads? 

The Gear Hads TV show is based on Fastlane Performance an automotive performance and customization shop located in Houston, Texas. Fastlane specializes in various vehicles, including sports cars, muscle cars, trucks, and SUVs. The shop ranges in services to enhance vehicle performance, such as engine modifications, forced induction systems (superchargers, turbochargers), exhaust upgrades, suspension enhancements, brake upgrades, and more. The show followed the owners Nick Field and Rick Ford in their everyday challenges in a shop full of young testosterone-filled mechanics with the goal of maximum horsepower. BLOOD, SWEAT, and SPEED, one car at a time.

What is new with Fastlane & Gear Heads

Fastlane was founded in 2004 by 2 guys who have been working on cars in Houston since 1993. Rick Ford and Nick Field are part of the “old school” contingent of Fastcar builders that have seen Houston become a Mecca for Big Horsepower enthusiasts. Over the course of 20-plus years, this team has seen everything from the first Fox Bodies to Ford GTs.

Fast forward to 2023, the shop has expanded over the last few years since making the TV show Gearheads. The shop not only specializes in Roush performance upgrades and custom builds. The guys have a full CNC business in full swing. With time split between two businesses, it’s been hard to focus on relaunching the TV show. With a shop expansion planned and a shop full of builds, filming has been delayed until the fall of 2023. Watch for updates on the show’s return on the new POWER blog and click the “Join The Community” button for show releases and special news. 

The Future of Gear Heads on POWERtube TV

Boss One Media’s creation of the POWERtube TV streaming network was built for shows like this. For years we’ve received an outpouring of feedback from national and international fans asking for more diverse shows. The POWERtube TV network will now act as a launch pad for great new shows like this. With support from viewers and marketing partners, these shows will continue to be created and cast out for the world to view on the multiple platforms POWERtube TV supplies. With everyone’s help through their social platforms and word of mouth, we can build a network “Community” together and help these creators produce more episodes and seasons for your viewing pleasure. Our goal is simple, highlight talented individuals and bring them to the elevated stage they deserve! Click the “Join the Community Button” and stay informed! 


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