Drag Race High – Season 2


Watch two rival High Schools Fabricate, Paint and Race their way through this awesome series. Bragging rights and school pride isn’t the only thing on the line. The Winner keeps the loser’s car to put on display at their school.

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What is Drag Race High? 

“Drag Race High” was a reality television series that aired on the Speed Channel in 2008. The show followed the journey of two groups of high school automotive shop classes as they built and raced their own drag racing cars. It combined elements of automotive education, teamwork, and competitive racing.

The premise of the show revolved around a challenge issued to two state-rival high schools. Each school was tasked with transforming a stock car into a competitive drag racing machine within a 10-week time frame and a $10k budget. The students had to work together, under the guidance of experienced mechanics and mentors, to modify and upgrade their vehicles in preparation for the big race. Throughout the series, the students learned various aspects of automotive mechanics, tuning, and race preparation. They faced challenges and setbacks along the way, but ultimately aimed to create a high-performance car capable of competing in a heads-up drag race with the rival school. Bragging rights and school pride isn’t the only thing on the line in this competition. The winning class keeps the loser’s car to put on display at their school.

The show highlighted the students’ progress as they overcame obstacles, learned valuable skills, and developed a deeper understanding of the automotive industry. It also showcased their personal growth, teamwork, and determination.

“Drag Race High” aimed to entertain and educate viewers about the world of drag racing, while also emphasizing the importance of hands-on learning experiences.


The Future of Drag Race High

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